Owner Declaration

BE IT KNOWN THAT AIRPORT PLAZA JOINT VENTURE, LLC, being the owner of the premises described in the preceding Surveyors Certificate, situated in the County of Macon and State of Illinois, does hereby subdivide said track of land and does hereby make the attached plat of said subdivision for the purpose of the sale of the several lots there in by number as designated on said plat, and it does hereby designate the subdivision as "SOUTHEAST PLACE" and the small shall be so known hereafter and it does hereby decide to the public to be used as public highways or streets and also for sewers, water-mains, drainage facilities and public utility purpose, that portion of the above described premises shown on the plat as streets or boulevard and it does hereby dedicate for sewers, water mains drainage facilities and public utility purposes the various easement strips so designated on the plat as "Easement" hereby waiving in the such portions so dedicated all rights under and by virtue of the homestead Exemption laws of the state of Illinois.

The following covenants and restrictions in their entirety shall apply to each and every lot in the subdivision.