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<br> A hair style says a lot about a person. While it's never a good idea to judge a book by its cover, hairstyles can provide some nonverbal clues about a person's personality. Both men and women have different interpretations for the same hairstyle. Here are some of the things to keep in mind:<br> <br> A hairstyle's movement affects the way the eye is drawn through the hair. Wavy hair has movement while straight hair does not. Quiff hairstyle combines the pompadour, flat top, and mohawk hairstyles from the 1950s. It was a staple of the Teddy Boy movement and lasted through the '80s and - 1990s. Loose waves are more voluminous than straight hair. Hands-drying or styling hair allows a woman to use less water and style it more quickly.<br> <br> To avoid elongating the face, try a blunt bob with layers that fall just above the shoulder. Another option is shoulder-length hairstyles with subtle layers that add volume and prevent the hairstyle from falling flat. A simple part change can do wonders for your hairstyle. And for an oval face, side-swept bangs can frame the face without requiring drastic haircuts. The key is finding a style that flatters your face.<br> <br> For a casual look, medium bob with long parted bangs is ideal. This cut is incredibly easy to achieve at home with the use of a round brush and hairdryer. And because of its length, it frames the face beautifully. The pixie bob is a perfect middle ground between a pixie cut and trendy bobs. The pixie bob also compliments the modern woman's style and is a must-have for summer.<br>